*Folk Art Cats

The Seven Heads

What's this?

The Seven Heads?


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It is, indeed! 


Folk art is perhaps my favorite painting style.  I like the free use of color and pattern, and the bold black lines. But more than that, without the restriction of conventional rules on art, enthusiasm and confidence stands a better chance.  Just look at those cat faces.  The result is art that makes me smile.  How can that be wrong?     



It would be my pleasure to share some of my work with you. 


Choose your favorite folk art cat from the selection below and you can have one of these 7x10 inch friendly faces in your dining room or bathroom or an unexpected corner of the hallway (my favorite).  Or give it as a gift.


All orders are custom made when placed, hand painted with great finesse by The Head Rabbit on half-inch pine wood, and come safely packed to your doorstep, ready for hanging. Remember, each one is an original, so no two are exactly alike. 


Each cat head is named and numbered on the back and signed by me. 


Simply go to the Online Store and make your selection. . .  and I'll get out my paints and brushes. 


$36.00 - Free Shipping !

Oolong (c) 2004

Peppercorn (c) 2004

Hot Tamale (c) 2004

eKitty (c) 2004

Moonshadow (c) 2004


Berry White

Pear Cub


Until next time,

The Head Rabbit

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