When the candles flicker, 

when the wind goes woo-oo,

May it mean a fortune

Mighty good for you.


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Monday, October 1, 2018

Tetsubin Teapot

Is it October?  I wasn't expecting it so soon.  Today I brought out my favorite teapot, an orange cast iron "tetsubin" teapot,  just right for fall.  It's the pot I go to first when it's time to get off the ride of summer.  I can downshift now, says this little pot, have a cup of oolong tea and wait for those long shadows, windy skies, and orange moons that are sure to come.  


Oh, and with it comes one of my more elegant breakfasts:  hot tea, shortbread cookies, and cheese.


PS.  For added fun, say the word "tetsubin" outloud three times.    




Until next time,

The Head Rabbit

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Red Barn, Cherokee County Georgia

This wonderful red barn isn't on our property.  I wish I could say it is.  I can say, however, that it's only about a mile down the road from us, so I see it almost everyday. 


We live in the fastest growing county in the metro Atlanta area, and I fear for the life of this little barn.  So far so good, but its days are surely numbered.  The farmland on every side of it is under construction, and already I wonder if this will be my last fall to enjoy it.  I wonder too if when they tear it down someone will pause to consider the yellow forsythia that blooms beside it in the spring.  I watch for it every year.  Against the red it is so beautiful.


In Atlanta's downtown traffic corridor they just finished building a fast-track toll road called the "fly-over," and it does, indeed, look high enough to be in the clouds.  I thought the name was just right, since that's exactly what I'd do were I to find myself in the middle of the four or five mega-roads that intersect the area.  Fly-over, like a bird.  Come and roost permanently in this little red barn like a robin.  

Until next time,

The Head Rabbit

Friday, October 5, 2018

This is eKitty, what's left of seven other cats i call The Seven Heads.  Time and weather stripped him of his luster after about 2 years in the garden, and rotted what was left of the others.  But not to worry, I have painted his replacement.  


Isn't that the way it goes?  I have a habit of seeing things more perfectly than they actually are.  You might say that's a good thing, but it does get me into trouble sometimes.  Plants do wear out and wood does rot.  I should remember that.  


Time to sharpen the lens, perhaps, on real life.  


You can have a cat head just like mine.  Go to Marketplace/Folk Art for details.  

Until next time,

The Head Rabbit

Monday, October 8, 2018

October Ginny Lynn III

October Ginny Lynn I

October Ginny Lynn IV

When you can no longer wear the things you did 20 years ago, you put them on a perfectly-sized dress form and give it a name.  This one is "Ginny Lynn," and this is her October attire.  


If I dressed like this now, would people think I was a bag lady?  Maybe.  But the temptation is always there.  You'll see Ginny again from time to time, as seasons change and second hand clothes find their way home with me.  

Until next time,

Ginny Lynn

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Chair With Pumpkins


Everything looks good in the fall, as long as it has a pumpkin on it.  That's my October Rule of Pumpkins. 


When i used to carve them into pumpkinheads, I found out they could also make quite a mess.  After a few years of trying to manage the hatchet you need to cut one open, the strings that won't let go, and the seeds you can't really eat, I decided they were at their best just sitting pretty.  I always get two or three for the garden or hearth and one large one for the front door.  


Some people have a favorite pumpkin pie recipe.  My father had a favorite pumpkin joke. It was of the man from the city who said to the farmer showing him his large pumpkin patch, "I just have one question.  How did that little vine pull all those pumpkins up that hill?"     

Until next time,

The Head Rabbit

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Spidertown (2016)

* * * * *

Finding halloween costumes on a shoestring budget wasn't easy when our kids were young, and it didn't help that I waited until the last minute.  I told myself I could always throw something wonderful together at the last minute.  I mean, what was the big deal? 

I had the mistaken idea that any or all combinations of halloween embellishments would make a good costume.  Choose from a mustache, wand, fake or blackened teeth, cape, duck feet, clown nose, or baseball cap. . . it didn't matter.  Mix and match.  Take your pick.  As many as you like.  


After all, I didn't question my own mother when she dressed me up in her skirt and shoes and handed me a plastic rabbit face with ears.  And neither did my daughter question me when a neighbor asked her if she was the pope.  (She was a princess.) 


It's mid October and the temperatures have turned cooler.  Leaves are turning color, and school children all over the county are discussing what they will be this year for halloween. Very few, I suspect, think of a rabbit or even a princess.  Costumes have become big business.  We're much more sophisticated now, and the store aisles grow bigger and fuller every year with faces and monster props I never dreamed of when I dressed up my daughter as the pope. . . .  I mean a princess.  Along with the scary rubber faces and ornate suits comes something else sinister . . . the end of little people in rag-tag clothes saying their friendly hellos.  


Where are they now, those smiling, innocent faces?  I know they grew up, but did they have to shed the ladybug costumes for vampire teeth?  Have they really become the rubber creatures I will soon back away from at my door?


Well, not completely.  I do still see the occcasional bumblebee or sheep, and our mantle still looks friendly and rag-tag.  And yes, I do still give out candy, even if I do feel slightly threatened and keep an eye on that tall kid in the back with the black teeth and gravely voice.    

Until next time,

The Head Rabbit

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Pumpkin Cookie Day


I was once told I'm a messy cook.  By a nine-year-old.  


She was right, though I hadn't thought of it until then. . .   


          * * * 

Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

Cooking is a sight to behold when you see it in the pages of books. . . but for me personally, it's mostly something I need to do, and do quickly. I fly by the seat of my pants, hoping for the best, and then wonder how everything got to be such a mess .  


But no matter.  No one sees but me, and the food often tastes quite good.  


Sugar cookies in particular seem to bring out the "best" in me,  and today was a good day to practice.  It was raining lightly, windy, cooler than it has been; and we had just started our first fire of the season.  The house was quiet at last, and I could play my music as loud as I wanted.  Even sing!  Ahhh. . . sweet cookie repose. I could see this was going to be a Carrot Day for me.  


Before long the lightly tanned cookies came out of the oven and were placed carefully on a wire rack to cool while I made the icing.  Then the best part - the point at which they ascend from common work to become art.  With every swirl of icing I became more bold.  A little swirl here and there, a dab or two, and my singing got louder.  .  No stress, no sorrow.  Only the satisfying finish of a good-cookie day.  

Until next time,

The Head Rabbit

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Goblins 'll Get You...

And so we say a fond farewell to this beautiful October, 2018.  Keep your head on straight, because the Christmas Train is coming fast.


And whatever you do, stay out of the deep, dark woods.  

...If Ya Don't Watch Out!

Until next time,

The Head Rabbit

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