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On this page you will find prints of my artwork along with a brief description of what the picture is about and how it came to find a lasting place in my studio.  My hope is that everything you see depicts a quiet reflection on the simple way we live.  


I never tire of finding new ways to share what we see daily.

Here at last! 

The first print from Today At Rabbit Hill is here and available now for you to purchase and display in your own unique rabbitat.  After carefully considering several options for the introductory print, "Linda's Clock" won out.  I hope it's one of your favorites too.  

"Linda's Clock" was originally created about five years ago and eventully became one of several pictures I took of my sister's wonderful clock collection, then sent them through my unique folkart process to their final poster form.  The clock itself is housed ever so carefully in a beautiful home in the pines, in the pines, of north Florida near a turtle habitat and lots of exotic moss. 

"Linda's Clock" is from the Friday, September 14, 2018 online entry.

Linda's Clock III

To purchase a print of "Linda's Clock III" go to the Online Store.

Prints are available on 6 x 9 premium glossy card stock, and easy to frame using a standard-sized frame.  They are reasonably priced $6 each which includes shipping, so you can collect several to change out seasonally, or purchase them in sets as they become available for a unique teacher, new baby, or wedding gift. 

Each print is individually signed on the back by the artist, also known as The Head Rabbit.  They're qiuck, easy as pie, and fun to collect.

Until next time,

The Head Rabbit

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