Greetings from Rabbit Hill !

.... My name is Sandie....


......and this is my studio-blog about life at Rabbit Hill, our small home and half-acre woods in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, just north of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 

You are invited to see and hear about the ordinary things of our days; or as Oswald Chambers calls it, "the unaffected loveliness of the commonplace." 


Below you will find the comments section for "Today At Rabbit Hill."  Please feel free to say hello--I would love to hear from you.  

Red Barn

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Before you wander off to read the latest happenings, look at this....

Linda's Clock III

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I have some very good news! 

My first print is here at last, and ready to go out in the mail to you!    

So be sure to go to the "Prints" page to find out how you can enjoy this exclusive first offering of more prints to come from Today At Rabbit Hill.  

Go ahead, I know you're curious.   

Drying Roses

See a print you especially like? 

Go to Prints to find out how you can add a little Rabbit Hill to your own home.  

I'm glad you're here!  You will find on this site samples of my artwork along with  a description of  that work and the activities that go on here at Rabbit Hill.  Prints will soon be available for purchase as a card-sized image on premium paper, just right for framing in a standard-sized frame.  Or you can collect several to change out seasonally - they're inexpensive and fun to collect. 


Check out Marketplace too for some wonderful gift ideas or useful things for your own rabbitat.      

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